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Thanks to Christian & Kevin Van Fleet for authoring this piece

This information is provided so that drivers are prepared before showing up for an event. The first thing we do is inspect your car. Our team (aka "Tech Inspection" will go over your car, not with a fine-toothed comb, but with a mean looking lug wrench. This is an important and essential part of our pre-drive activities in order to provide a safe, efficient event for all concerned.

A day or so before the event: Pre-tech your own car and look for any problems. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and you have enough brakes and tires for a "road trip". If you wouldn't drive cross-country on those tires, they're not ready for an Autocross! Also check your lug nut torque; this information is usually available in your owner’s manual.

The night before: Make sure you have a full tank of gas, re-check tire pressure and oil level. Wash the windows inside and out. Unpack and then re-pack the car. By this we mean take out anything that is not necessary for the next day. It’s better to leave it at home if you don’t’ need it. Then re-pack the car with the things you will want for the next day. Don’t forget water, sunscreen, big dumb-looking floppy hat and a chair. Bring a cooler if you like but leave the beer at home. As good as a “cold one” would be during or after a hot day at the track it is absolutely prohibited during the event and probably not a good idea before the long drive home. Also, make sure you have closed toed, tie, buckle, or Velcro shoes. Open toed flip-flops, clogs, sandals etc. won’t be allowed.
Now get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow will be a long and very fun day.

The list below will help you get through the Tech a little easier.

All cars that are participating in the Autocross must go through tech. ALL CARS MUST BE RACE-READY BEFORE THEY COME TO TECH.

All cars must have ALL loose items removed from the car and left in your pit area before you get to tech. (If not, we will ask you to go back to your pit and unload all loose items and then come back.)

If you are going to use race tires they must be on your car before you get to tech.

If you have a helmet you must bring it to tech so we can check to see if it’s up to date. We require at least “Snell 2005” (If you don’t have a helmet, the club has a few loaners.)

Brake pedal pressure. (We will press on the pedal, if it goes all the way to the floor, Houston, we have a problem.)

Seat Belts. (We’ll make sure you have them and they are in good order.) We will check the inertia reels if you have them on your car as well.

If you plan on using a camera mount, it must be on you car before you get to tech.

The battery must be securely mounted in the car. We take a hard line on this one. If it moves, you will not race until it’s secure.)

Front and Rear wheel bearings in good condition. Wheel bearings should be tight. Grab the top of the wheels and try to shake the car. If you hear a metallic "click-clack" sound, they should be tightened. Note: do this before you come to the track. If you don’t want to do it yourself, give one of our wonderful advertisers a call to see if they can help.

Bring your Tech Form or complete a new blank one while you wait in the Tech Inspection line. (Don’t wait until you get to the front of the line.)

TECH will close at 8:00 am. (If you come late you will be subject to a late fee.) Remember that most of the Tech Team is there to drive as well.

If you have any questions on car classification or safety issues, check out the PCA website for all of the Zone 8 current rules. you have questions you can email me or don’t hesitate to ask questions from our crew at any event.

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